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Knowledge should be as open as can be. This is why everything in the content from signo is open too. And we want to share anything we know about disabilities and what is required from you if you own a website.


There are many possible disabilities or impairments. These range from mobility to vision limitations and can also be combined. Impairments also have different degrees of severity because they can totally disable an acquired sense.

Different disabilities also mean different types of tools and different practices for each one. Thankfully, they can be grouped in general categories for easier addressing.

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Whenever you make a website, you fall under the current legislation of your country. You may be required to comply to the current standards, or you or your company could end up being prosecuted for discrimination.

It's a bit far-fetched, but prevention is better than cure. Please mind we do not give legal advice, but we orient ourselves as providing awareness and useful legal resources.

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We believe in shared knowledge. If you want to improve any part of signo, feel free to join the project. Being involved doesn't imply any responsibility on your end.

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