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For the sake of simplicity, we split the "Develop" section in two different parts:

Develop for the Web

Developing an accessible web experience requires many small different aspects coming together. It starts from figuring out how to use a screen reader to making usable navigation.

Browsers and Operating Systems are already full of features and operate according to standards. You only have to stick to these rules to go the easy path. And if you have to leave this path, there are ways to get you back on track.

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Develop for Mobile

Native mobile development is basically platform-dependant, which means that according to which Operating System you will be developing for, the how tos will heavily differ.

When developing an app, you generally don't limit yourself to one OS. Thus, instead of limiting our decumentation to one OS or reinventing the wheel, we decided to offer direct linking to relevant documentation in line with each operating system.

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