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Crafted in Belgium with 
love ❤️

The origin of signo

Born out of a lack of information or clarity in the field of screen accessibility, signo has been developed in a month.

signo encloses information which was gathered among many publications, such as W3C, WebAIM, Medium, Orange, Microsoft,, etc. This knowledge was rewritten in order to be easily understandable, and served in a way which aims to be widely spread.

Who's behind signo?

The signo initiative was brought to life by Mathieu Delvaux, a DWM student, as part of his final project.

Mathieu, also known as me, is a multidisciplinary designer from Belgium and currently studying in his final year at Albert Jacquard College.
I also am the Co-Founder & Creative UX Manager of nextmoov, the Co-Founder & Product Design Manager of NextRide and a former design intern at EPIC Agency.

Special thanks

I would like to personally thank my referring teacher, Mr. François Bourgaux, for all the insights he provided the very few times he had the chance to oversee my progress. I also apologize for that. Also thanks for sharing your stand point on the current and future state of the web, and for your atypical attitude towards creativity.

I would also like to thank the teachers who had the heavy task of having to bear with me for two full years. Thanks Arno, for improving my design decisions thanks to your on point-suggestions. Thanks Philippe, for enforcing coding standards on me and for your useful improvement feedback.

Then I would like to apologize for the times where I didn't give out my best, or when I didn't even bother to show up.

And finally, I would like to apologize for all the silly puns I tried to write in the CTAs of this website 😁